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"Did you know that adding medical hypnosis to your weight loss routine will help you slim down...  It really works!" 

- Dr. Oz  

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257 lbs
Size 24

I released 80lbs. with hypnotherapy and expect to release 30 lbs more. I eliminated cravings, snacking and large portions. I was amazed that I stopped stress& emotional eating.I knew I had control when for the first time, I learned how to stop thinking about food all the time.

177 lbs
Size 12



Hypnotherapy Works Without Diets and Medications

This is a stand alone habit-based program that behaviorally manages diabetes and produces weight release without diets and medication. However, if you choose we teach you how to apply smart techniques and wrap-around any diet or medication and stop the cycle of losing and gaining. In fact you lose more weight and prevent relapse when you combine medication with our techniques. Only a professional NLP weight loss coach can help you eliminate or significantly reduce cravings for any unhealthy food. You learn to stop negative eating habits and overcome the sabotage of stress and emotional eating.






Session 1

The goal is to eliminate or significantly reduce any number of unhealthy foods. This includes fast foods, sweets, and high carbohydrates; virtually any fattening foods or soft drinks. You will be taught several psychological techniques to instantly stop cravings and learn how to alter your thinking and behavior towards unhealthy food. Also, you will be taught how to increase the desire for foods that will promote good health and weight loss. For example, the preference for fruits, vegetables, lean meat and salads will become more highly desired. Following the session there will be a natural reduction in portions, and a substantial increase for the desire to drink water. Medication and Diets Alone Can’t Create Weight Loss Habits for Life.

Session 2

Learn little known secrets to naturally reduce large portions and second helpings. Learn strategies to reduce eating speed, snacking and late night consumption of junk food. Also, learn a “mental stomach bypass” procedure to feel satisfied sooner and not be deprived. The Mind is the Missing Link to Keep Weight Off.

Session 3

We teach you sports psychology tools to instantly increase motivation for exercise whenever you choose. We will teach you how to use your mind to increase your confidence and metabolism.This session will reinforce healthy food choices and smaller portions without feeling deprived.


This unique session can help you break the association between stress and overeating. You will discover how to apply at least three coping strategies to manage stress. There will be a discussion and therapeutic steps to minimize stress and prevent emotions from sabotaging your weight loss.

Sessions 5-10

Addresses emotional eating from depression, stress, boredom, and low self-esteem. The program teaches you techniques to stop sabotage, negative thinking and relapse prevention.




  I lost 75lbs in 7 months and over 100 inches.  Dr. Smith taught me how to control emotional eating, manage stress, desire healthy food and love exercise.  Before Trim-Style™ I struggled for years & turned to comfort eating. This led to depression and type 2 diabetes. However,  that’s all in the past now because two years later I have kept the weight off with the maintenance program I learned.*  


Meet Patsy

I’ve lost 70 lbs and kept it off for more than 2 years without dieting.


Meet Justin

I escaped 60 lbs of burdensome weight.  I now love to work out and have tools that naturally motivate me.


Meet Brenda

I’ve lost 62 lbs and continuing to lose weight. I changed my whole attitude about eating. I have tried many diets but none ever addressed emotional eating.


Meet Liz

I lost 65 lbs in 7 months. That was 3 years ago. I have eliminated emotional eating and sabotage.

Meet John


Meet Jennifer

"Two strategies are better than one. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.  A winning combination is hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy."  -Jean Fain, Psychotherapist Harvard Medical School


*Results will vary from patient to patient. Hypnotherapy is considered an alternative treatment and is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric care.